WRO: from the Archives - a selection of video works from WRO Art Center archives

Date and time
27 September — Friday 14:30-15:30

WRO: from the Archives - a selection of video works from WRO Art Center archives

A video programme prepared specially for Digital Cultures, comprising archive material from the collection of WRO Art Centre – the first Polish institution to operate at the intersection of contemporary arts, media and communication.

Founded over three decades ago, WRO has always taken care to record and document its events – the exhibitions, performances, concerts, symposia and meetings held during the WRO Biennale, as well as the centre’s other activities. It also made sure to retain the rights to those recordings for research, educational and creative purposes. As a result, it has amassed a collection of unique material which has served as the basis for many subsequent publication, exhibition and research projects. Purely artistic works have also been based on these archive recordings, e.g. interactive installations which reframe them in new contexts.

WRO’s work demonstrates the fundamental difference between a “living” archive built up within the confines of an active artistic institution, and an archive which is kept with the greatest of care but is frozen in a context outside of the environment in which it was created.

This review of WRO’s video work allows us to look at archiving as an integral, continuous process for accumulating experience and achievements.

  • Programme

  • Audio Balerinas | performance in public space (market square, Wrocław)
  • Władysław Kazmierczak | "Crash" (performance broadcast live from the television studio)
  • WRO Polish Monitor Festival, 1994
  • Eric Siu | "Touchy" (performance in public space)
  • WRO 2013 Pioneering Values, 2013
  • Mirosław E. Koch | "Kormorany. Epizod Dym."
  • 1991
  • Istvan Kantor | "Media Revolt" (performance at Renoma Department Store)
  • Wrocław, June 20th – July 31st 2014
  • Jaron Lanier | "Virtual Reality as musical instrument"
  • Media Art Biennale WRO, 1997
  • Jarosław Kapuściński | "The point is"
  • GLOBALICA: Media Art Biennale WRO, 2003
  • Tibor Szemző | "Tractatus" (performance broadcast live from the television studio)
  • Composer's Night, 1995
  • Marcin Krzyżanowski | "Madness and Desolation"
  • Arkadiusz "Bago" Bagiński | "Communicators" (installation sabotaging the urban traffic control system)
  • GLOBALICA: Media Art Biennale WRO, 2003
  • Andrey Ustinov | "Film Noir" (performative installation)