Best of Poland part IV

Date and time
27 September — Friday 15:30-17:00
Room: Stolica
Polish English translation available

Best of Poland part IV

Best of Poland presentations series brings light to the most interesting Polish projects created and being developed in the recent years, in different fields of digital art and culture.

Where is Poland?

Multimedia guide created for the hundred year anniversary of Polish independence is a journey through a country that wasn’t on the map.
Extensive sites consists of archive materials combined with modern design and several custom applications.

Huncwot is a Warsaw-based creative studio, specializing in interactive design and clever technology with an obsessive focus on quality. We were excited to create such diverse projects as the Cheetos brand’s global website, the digital presence of the National Library of Poland, or e-learning solutions for IKEA.

Michał Jakubowski, Radosław Mirski
A Crafty Fellow from Warsaw’s Praga

The game Wicuś Marynarz combines actual people, places and events from the war-time Warsaw, mixing it with kabbalah, elements of Jewish mythology and…pop culture. The creators are well aware that not all superheroes wear capes, but the crafty fellow from Warsaw’s Praga district truly carries that spark of greatness in him. In this somewhat detective, somewhat skill game, we follow the shenanigans of Wincenty Andruszkiewicz, a former sailor turned legendary stallholder in the war-time Warsaw. While he’s trying to lay low, just waiting for the war to end, he’s embroiled in a series of quaint events, here at the infamous Różyckiego open-air market.

National Heritage Institute – a mere popularizing website or an integrated system of information about Polish listed sites?

The project, consisting in creating an on-line platform integrating data about architectural sites located in Poland, has been realised continually by the National Heritage Institute since 2014. For the five years following the launching of its initial version, the repository of the platform has been enlarged with new data sets added continuously while its basic functionalities have substantially expanded. What actually is? Why would Internet users need another website on listed sites? What unique data the NHI has to offer? And finally what will the completion of the third stage of its expansion bring?

The National Heritage Institue Team: Arkadiusz Kołodziej, Mirosław Trojacki, Grzegorz Urbański, Karol Czajkowski, Hubert Gałka; OGX | OPTOGRAPHX group from the Faculty of Mechatronics at Warsaw University of Technology, Huncwot.

Piotr Kubiński
Narra: The Game Changer

Narra is a set of tools facilitating the development of games and interactive projects. Our aim is to simplify the creation of various storyline paths as well as enabling elimination of logical mistakes at the very stage of story design, making the process of complex story-writing faster & more efficient. What’s more, we want our tool to be inclusive by making narrative design easier also for creators without any background in coding.

Anna Lebensztejn PHD, and Anna Skała - National Digital Archives
Search the Archives – cultural heritage in the digital world

Posters, placards, drawings, cartoons, photographs… is an on-line database offering access to over 38 million scans and not less than 13 million descriptions of archival resources gathered together from the collections of national archives and many other institutions. It is an invaluable source of artistic & historical material for creators, artists and regular users. Following June 2019, the updated version of the database is available on-line with its aim to facilitate access to its collections and to encourage various user groups to enjoy cultural heritage in its digital version. During the presentation we will show what has to offer and how one can use its resources in their own original projects, including the virtual ones.

The National Digital Archives are one of the three central archives of the state archives network in Poland. The NDA collection contains close to 16 million photographs. The Sound Recording Collection contains 40 000 units and the collection of films numbering ca. 2 500 files.

Andrei Isakov, Jakub Wróblewski
Virtual Events & 3D Studio is a part of the Faculty of Media Art at The Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw

Since 2017, its programme privileges collective & interdisciplinary projects. Our activity focuses on researching and guiding the perception of a virtual experience participant, the analysis & the proper use of all the elements that constitute the experience as well as the reflection on what immersion is and what its potential levels are. During the presentation we shall analyse our original educational model as well as the solutions we have worked out.