Best of Poland part III

Date and time
27 September — Friday 11:00-12:00
Room: Stolica
Polish English translation available

Best of Poland part III

Best of Poland presentations series brings light to the most interesting Polish projects created and being developed in the recent years, in different fields of digital art and culture.

Agnieszka Billewicz / Star Global
Errors of Translation: Designing with experiments, sketching with technology.

In face-to-face conversations our body sends signals that go beyond the choice of words. Tone of voice, gestures and body language are signals that affect how the message is conveyed. However, text tools today filter all o those signals and leave the receiver with perfectly polished text. Digital Body Language is a text processor that leaves visible trails of the typing process as part of written text.

Basing on the series of experiments the presentation will focus on the iterative experimentation process. How can sketching with technology aid the design process? What if our hands-on approach will aim to generate questions rather than solutions?

Luke Jascz
Hotel Cisza/Silence Hotel

Hotel Cisza/Silence Hotel is a virtual meditation centre where invited guests present a poem, a meditation, a short story or an essay of their choice (or of their own). The author does not impose any topics for the aim of the project is to create a virtual hotel. The décor of its rooms is supposed match the presented ideas. Altogether they shall create an eclectic space. A dedicated YouTube channel is the core of the project. This where the new episodes premiere. So far it features an one-hour-long date, a meditation session, a music performance, a horoscope reading and a bed-time show to name but a few.

Luke Jascz – photographer and visual artist, mostly interested in cross-media projects. Currently developing his original, multimodal project focused on the analysis of various forms of on-line interaction and image.

Kamil Pohl / Platige Image

Kuba Matyka / MELT
Directing experiences and designing immersive spaces. How PRO8L3M 'OUTPOST' became the first immersive album premiere

A week before the new PRO8L3M's album premiere, we unveiled OUTPOST - a mysterious installation x listening party.
We wanted to build another dimension upon music. A sensory, immersive trip to the world of the band. A dystopian twist on a theme park concept. Filling the 1890m2 of post-industrial space with unexpected encounters that triggered the sense of discovery.
It was a journey built from the series of multimedia experiences inspired by the band’s lore.

Kuba Matyka / MELT
Director and designer of award-winning immersive experiences (‘The Missed Spaceflight’, ‘PRO8L3M - Outpost’) and co-founder of the MELT studio, directing experiences and designing immersive spaces. Honored in the NewEurope100 - Financial Time’s list of the most innovative changemakers in the region.