Center for Urban History of East Central Europe

Natalia Otrishchenko

A sociologist, coordinator of "Urban Stories" in the Urban Media Archive.
Graduate of the University of Lviv’s History Department, and Inter-Institutional Individual Humanitarian Studies (MISH). Natalia studied in the USA at Berea College, and taught at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. She was involved in the "Region, Nation and Beyond" (2012-15, University of St. Gallen), "Memories of Vanished Populations" (2012-14, Lund University), and “Historical Cultures in Transition” (2017-onwards, Collegium Civitas) international projects, a guest researcher at the AGH University (2012). She is a member of Ukrainian Oral History Association.

She conducts a research “Urban Experts and Changing Cities: Reshaping Professional Field (1970s-2010s)”. She was a tutor and later coordinator of the Urban Summer Schools “Visions and Experiences” (2015-17), was involved in the organization of Urban Summer school “Open Form” (Lublin-Szumin-Warsaw, 2018). Her academic interests include methodology and methods of sociological research, oral history, projective methods, urban sociology, spatial and social transformations after the state socialism.